Sunday, March 6, 2016

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

We're coming up on the last day of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and my 27th birthday is in 11 days! With the two being so close in time, it's left me thought about the wonder and irony. How amazing that I can not only celebrate the month of awareness about something that could have very well killed me (and tried) but I can also look forward to a birthday I may have never lived to see.  I've said many times in the recent weeks about 27 being no big deal (it's not 21, amiright???) BUT it IS a HUGE deal! Here I am, 15 years after my father passed, my life fell apart, my absolute rock bottom, going through survival sex to get what I needed, going through 2 pimps who trafficked me and finally finding myself on the other side of all of this.

15 years later, and I am 8.5 years married, the mother of two incredibly beautiful and bright children, the sister to three amazing humans, and related to many beautiful souls who have lifted and supported me through all of this. I have a resume I can truly be proud of, an education I never imagined I'd obtain, and a life I wouldn't trade for all the world depsite the stress and exhaustion. I am FREE. I am ALIVE. I am WELL. I am BEAUTIFUL. And above all, I am worth more than any amount of money or gold or diamonds can ever offer. How amazing is turning 27???

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