Saturday, September 6, 2014

Seasons of Change

 Mommy Just Wants to Save the World

  I want to begin this post by thanking all of my beautiful followers!  Friends, family and strangers alike, this blog happened because you all believed in me.  I initially began writing because I'd been interviewed for several magazine and news articles, and I was always left feeling triggered.  I'd "vomited" my story to these few journalists, and in the end, I felt unsatisfied knowing that after putting myself through all of that, I'd be getting a few square inches on a page.  I need an outlet to share my story, in it's entirety.  And I got that here!  It happened because so many had such beautiful faith in me.  I thank you all for that love and support. 

  Now that I've thanked's time to tell you the rest.  I've decided to change the blog.  You'll find that I've hidden most of the posts.  I decided to remove everything that includes portions of my story. I know this may be surprising, but I feel it's necessary to evolve.  I really love this damn blog and I am proud of it.  Unfortunately my work really took off, and it left me very little time for writing anymore (obviously, I've only post 4 times in 2014!).  However, this also gave me the opportunity to sit back and evaluate, and gain some clarity.  I am so ready to evolve, to begin a new chapter. 

  The part that really scares me about this is that my life may not be interesting enough for people to continue visiting the blog if they can revisit the posts about my past, but I'm taking the chance and praying for continued reading.  Obviously, I'm one of MILLIONS of mom-bloggers on the internet, as well as quite a few Survivor bloggers, so I can only pray that I find a niche.  

  In addition to taking down the posts, I also plan to change the Facebook page's name, to a public page for myself, as well as changing the title name of the blog.  We'll no longer be Mommy Just Wants to Save the World.  This saddens me, and excites me at the same time!  I'm obviously saddened because I've loved this blog since I came up with the concept.  It feels like a 4th child.  However, I'm excited for the evolution of me, and my writing, and the awesomeness I'll get involved in.  I really pray that those who have followed me the whole way through will continue to do so, and new readers will soon follow.  

  I'm not entirely sure what the new name will be, but I'd love to take votes!  (I'll have to figure out how to take a vote, probably on Facebook!)  

  So here's to new beginnings, evolution, and beautiful change. Thank you all so much for your love. 

I'll end with these gems, because reasons. ;)

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