Monday, December 9, 2013

Good Publicity, Bad Publicity, Same End Goal

Sarah's lovely addition to our ornament collection!
  I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!  We did, we had friends and our little family, it was warm and cozy, and I was sipping on cocktails all day while cooking.  It’s not often I’m afforded the ability to drink with all the plans and responsibilities I always seem to have, so it was lovely to take the day to enjoy everyone’s presence and some toasty warm spirits!  Throughout the weekend following, we put up the Christmas tree, and decorated it with the kids, Paul, and his girlfriend Sarah, who added a lovely charm to the collection.  Now, our house in full swing of the Christmas spirit, and we’re definitely excited about the upcoming holiday. 

  Today is Sarah’s 17th birthday, and we’re very happy and excited she’s so willing to share her special day with us.  She and Paul have been dating 8 months, and we’ve loved her from day 1.   
  Tomorrow is Genna’s 4th birthday, and we’ll be having dinner and cake tonight to celebrate the girls’ special days.   It’s nearly impossible to remember exactly how I felt 4 years ago, giving birth to my first baby.  I remember the anticipation, and I remember the love, but the rest is a blur.
My sweet Genevieve, just a few days old!
  I know I mention my children and their activities often, but the truth is that they’re my whole life.  I think people often want to look at me and see only the survivor, the girl who went through something tragic, and came out on the other side.  And in a lot of ways, I am WHO I am because of what I’ve been through.  But I’m way more than that.  My day to day life is filled with diapers, breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, play dates, boo boos, dress ups, and cars.   I have to plan around my children’s schedules; I have to think about Genna’s last trip to the potty, or Nic’s naptime.  I have to think about when Paul gets out of school and choreographing when to pick him up and take him to a job interview.  I have to plan when to leave the house based on Drew’s sleep schedule, and whether or not we have time to go grocery shopping before dinner, bath, and bed.  These things, these are my daily tasks.  I want to apply for college and start my journey towards my Social Service degree, but I need to worry about Drew’s deployment, Paul’s graduation, and if I have the ability to fly my mother-in-law here in April for a conference I want to attend.  The point is, before I’m a survivor, or a leader, or a volunteer…I’m a mom, and a sister, and wife, and a friend.  My life revolves around the needs of my family, because only then can I truly be useful to the rest of the world.

  And, to highlight my survivor-status this week, I’d love to point out some awesome news!  I interviewed for People Magazine back in August, when I began my blog.  It was actually the reason I started the blog, because at that point, I realized how best to share my experiences and work, in a way that an article couldn’t possibly cover.  And I’m so glad I did!  This week, the December 16th issue of People hit the shelves, and there, on page 80, was my picture, my story, for the ENTIRE world to read.